How To Winterize a Swimming Pool in 2020.

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Are you planning to close down your pool during the upcoming cooler and darker months? Follow these simple steps to successfully shut down your pool so that you will find it in good condition when resuming your fun in the summer. Although one of the most challenging parts about shutting down your pool is deciding whether or not to shut your pool entirely, it is essential to accept that during the winter, swimming can’t be that fun. Yes, shutting down the place where you enjoy your bathing suit in total darkness once everyone has retired to bed makes it uncomfortable but unavoidable.


Is winterize a swimming poo an easy task? Yes, but of course, with the right skills, gears, and experience. Although the technical part of winterizing your pool doesn’t demand too much work, you have to ensure everything is for the time you will be away. For instance, you can vacate your pool while uncovered and still find it in good condition when resuming. However, if you reside in the coldest region (freezing areas) such as the East coast, you will be required to drain your pool filters and pumps before shutting down your entire pool.


Simple steps to follow to winterize a swimming pool today effectively.


Confirm the Filters.


Yes, the best time to clean and check everything in your pool, including replacing the dysfunctional parts such as the cartridge filters, is at the end of the swimming season. Besides, some types of filters demand you keep returning them regularly, preferably at every month. For instance, the Diatomaceous earth filters require monthly maintenance, such as reloading the DE back washing, and cleaning the filters at least once per winter if you won’t drain your pool. For real, you won’t like to get into winter while your pool filter is clogged with dirt since this would mean you struggle to maintain the pool clean later. It is important to drain your pump, filters, and heaters, especially if the place you stay can freeze. Besides, you can consider blowing out the water connecting pipers using a shop van or air compressor.


Skim and Brush.


Although you are leaving your pool for a while, it is equally essential to keep scooping up leaves and skimming to get rid of organic matter and dirt that otherwise accurate when your collection is filled. Although you won’t pay much focus on your pool during the winter, it is essential to avoid build-up that might cause your filter to overwork, which can result in algae growth. The importance of a pool cover is that it prevents the chances of dirt accumulation during the winter. However, ensure your pool is clean from contaminants before you decide to cover it.


Regulate Your Pool Chemicals.


Although maintaining your pool services is very important, you need to understand your pool chemistry. Are you aware that using testing stripes is one of the easiest ways of checking your pool chemistry? All you need is to dip a section of your test strip into your pool water and compare the resulting color against the chart color on the container. Note that the most critical levels you ought to consider are the alkalinity, PH, and chlorine. In case you find that any of those levels are exceeding the safe range, ensure you take the appropriate steps by fixing the mess or contacting your professional pool service providers. Remember, if you are planning to completely shut down your pool and cover it during the winter period, then ensure you make it sparkling clean before implementing your ideas.


Ensure to cover your pool.


Do you know one of the most effective ways of preventing your pool’s contamination is using a pool cover? Yes, it prevents the falling of contamination into your pool besides protecting it from algae that grow due to prolonged sunlight. A pool cover can also ensure the stabilization of your pool water chemistry.


Lowering your pool water level is also recommended.


Yes, ensure to use your water pump to lower your pool water level, preferably below the pool skimmer. However, this is important if you plan to shut down your pool entirely for the entire winter since it helps eliminate any water remaining in your pool plumbing system, which would otherwise cause cracks when it freezes.

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