Easy Pool Maintenance Tips

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Having a swimming pool is a perfect way to cool down on a hot summer’s day! This is particularly true for homeowners who have them right in their own backyards. Nothing beats being able to go swimming at one’s leisure. However, like most other things around the house, pools require maintenance. Practicing proper pool maintenance is beneficial because it keeps the water optimal and the pool itself in overall good condition. First-time pool owners might not realize what kind of maintenance is needed to keep their pools at their best. Whether someone is a first-time pool owner or not, there are some helpful tips for maintaining a pool!

Tips For Practicing Good Pool Maintenance

• Skim the Pool’s Surface –

This is extremely important as debris is often found in swimming pools. The biggest culprit for pool debris is usually nearby tree leaves, however, it can be other small items too. Using a pool skimmer, which is a long handle with a catching net attached, is the best way to keep the surface free and clear of any unwanted things in the pool. Not only does pool skimming keep the pool looking presentable, but it also aids in keeping the filter system from becoming clogged with built-up debris. Some pools do have skimmer baskets on the sides of them and these should be emptied at least once a week.

• Use a Pool Cover –

Pool covers are made for any type of swimming pool, inground or above ground. These nifty covers fit snuggly against the pool’s sides or surface to prevent debris from entering. While skimming the surface mostly every day is recommended, a pool cover can help reduce the amount of debris that might enter the pool. Pool covers are also a great way to keep the interior of the pool clean at the end of summer when the water is drained out.

• Use Chlorine –

Chlorine plays a very important role in maintaining a pool’s cleanliness. This common pool chemical aids in killing germs that are found in swimming pool water. While it might be tempting to use a lot of this, proper levels of chlorine help in keeping the water maintained. Generally, chlorine is added in measurements of 1 to 3 ppm (known as parts per million). Using too much chlorine can be very dangerous for someone’s health and cause skin irritations. This is why only added the exact amount needed for a specific pool size is recommended.

• Monitor the pH Levels –

The pH levels in a pool should be monitored to ensure that the water is clean and safe for all swimmers. Chlorine and pH work hand-in-hand together in keeping the water optimal for swimming. When the pH level in a pool is too high, the chlorine basically becomes ineffective. For the best results, keeping the pH level around 7.4. When the proper amount of chlorine is added, this level will remain where it should be. The higher this number becomes, the more likely it is that the pool will gain scum lines along the sides. To measure the pH level, a pH level meter can be used and plenty of online sources sell them for affordable prices!

• Check the Filter –

Pool filters usually only need cleaning once or twice a year. However, if the pool is being used more often, this can cause some telltale signs that the filter might need to be cleaned or replaced. Some things to watch out for include clogged pool drains and strange smells. If the filter is being checked and cleaned on a regular schedule, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, sometimes it might be. This is why checking the filter is critical to avoid potential issues.

• Watch Out for Low Water Levels –

Over time, pool water levels can decrease. Low water levels are horrible for the pool’s pump and can cause costly repairs to the pump. This is because the pump can dry out and burn out. It also causes issues with a pool skimmer that is attached to the pool’s side. Adding water if the level seems low can aid in this issue and maintain its overall water level.

These tips aid in keeping a pool looking and operating at its best! Any pool owner should carefully monitor their pool so that they get the very best out of their pool. No matter if the pool is inground or above ground, pool maintenance is truly an important part of being a pool owner.

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